Use our patented technology to optimise your casting process.

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Trained Faces

Thanks to machine learning and our ever-growing database, we can accurately quantify faces across several characteristics.

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Our Artificial Intelligence scores one image in 0.3 ms, which means bulk processing of huge casting pools is only a matter of seconds.

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AI Magic

Let Artificial Intelligence work for you. Sign up and create specific albums for each individual project and upload your casting images.

Score Collection

Get Insights

Obtain validated scores of quantified human perception for the facial images of your casting selection process. Based on scientific research, an AI was trained to identify how people are perceived by others.

Increase Conversion


Receive completely new insights into human perception, use these to quickly filter through your casting pool, and identify the perfect match for your selected role within minutes. Include CastR’s analysis in your presentation to clients and promote your offering, justify your selection and visualize desired traits.

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