Transforming Online Eyewear Sales with AI

Offer truly unique, personalised experiences to maximise engagement, conversions, satisfaction, and decrease returns. 

Unique Customer Experiences

Shifting the focus to individual users for more inclusive, engaging and personal experiences

Engaging Features

Bringing objective feedback to online shopping for the first time

Augmented Virtual Try-On

Virtual Try-Ons that give customers objective feedback on products & how it affects their appearance – similar to feedback from in-store employees.

Advanced Filtering

Customers can sort through products according to how they want to be perceived by others. “show me frames that make me look more professional”

Personal Recommendations

Enable customers to discover new products that are most likely fit, completely tailored to them and their preferences.

Long-Term Benefits

Customer-centricity is rewarded with improved metrics across the board

Maximise Engagement

Stand out from the rest with unique user experiences

Improve Conversion

Higher customer confidence leads to more buying decisions

Reduce Returns

Personalised recommendations lead to satisfied customers

How it works

QuantiFace has developed AI that can objectively quantify (and simulate) appearance according to several characteristics, such as trustworthy, happy, competent and more. We use this patented technology as the basis for our unique products & software.

Redefine Customer Experiences

Create personalised user flows to maximise engagement, conversions, satisfaction & reduce returns.