Use our patented technology to optimise your patient's treatment.


Thanks to machine learning and our ever-growing database, we can accurately quantify faces across several characteristics.


Using computer simulation, we can recommend minimally invasive treatments towards how patients truly desire to be perceived.

First Impression

Within milliseconds of meeting for the first time, people form subconscious opinions of each other. This is also known as a first impression, and can often be difficult to reverse

This psychological reaction is deeply ingrained in our cognitive processes, stemming from prehistoric basic instincts. However, first impressions are still an important part of all human interactions today.

Our Vision

By using modern AI technologies and computer simulation, we can visualize the appearance of clients and show them how they come across in their day-to-day interactions. We provide doctors with a preview of minimally invasive treatments for patients in order to change their first impression to how they truly want to be perceived, offering a more holistic approach to aesthetic medicine.

The App

By using a combination of deep learning, neural networks and face detection, our system can analyse a person’s facial features and then display the changes that would be required to adjust certain visual characteristics.

In a first step, the doctor takes a photo of the patient.

Together with the patient, they select the desired changes. For example: “more competent”, “more trustworthy”, “less tired”, “more attractive”, …

In the next step, a morphed result image will be shown. This will give the patient the chance to preview the changes that are required to achieve the selected characteristics.

See FaceReality in Action