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The Future of Facial Aesthetic Treatments

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the science of first impressions

FaceReality provides a unique approach to aesthetic treatments that boosts practitioner’s revenues, conversion and retention.

Advantages for your practice:

Increase revenues through cross- and up-selling

Create lasting patient relationships with treatment plans

Increase patient trust and conversion with accurate simulations

Stand out with a unique experience and new approach to aesthetics

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How it works

First Impression

in under a second of meeting for the first time, people form subconscious judgements of each other. This is also known as a first impression, and can include traits such as trustworthy, attractive, healthy, competent and more. 

This psychological reaction is deeply ingrained in our cognitive processes, stemming from prehistoric basic instincts. However, first impressions are still an important part of all human interactions today, and can be difficult to reverse.

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Our Vision

By using a combination of deep learning, neural networks and face detection, our system can quantify how a person is perceived, and simulate the minimally invasive treatments required to achieve a specific appearance.

We are deploying this technology in order to provide a standardized and data-driven method that enables greater accuracy, fairness, and consistency in evaluating the impact of treatments on facial features, appearance & first impressions.

The App

In a first step, the doctor takes a photo of the patient.

Together with the patient, they select the desired changes to their appearance. For example: “more competent”, “more trustworthy”, “less tired”, “more attractive”, …

In the next step, a simulation will be shown. This will give the patient the chance to preview the treatments that are required to achieve the selected trait.

About Us

Dr. Heike Klepetko

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

“When I came from reconstructive surgery into the world of aesthetics, I felt a personal responsibility to achieve meaningful outcomes for my patients. I founded QuantiFace with the mission to move the aesthetics industry towards more natural and effective treatments”

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    Quantifying Faces with
    Artificial Intelligence

    Founded in 2019, we build the future of facial imaging technology. By using modern algorithms trained by experts, advanced deep learning and facial image processing, we can quantify, visualize and alter first impressions.

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